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      Zhejiang Tiansheng Food Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which uses modern bioengineering technology to produce natural, nutritious and healthy health care products excipients, food seasonings and food additives. The company sets research and development, production, sales and service in one, brings together a large number of young strong, rich practical experience of high-quality professional and technical personnel. It has close contact and cooperation with many domestic research institutes, which provides strong technical support for the research and development of new products.

      Integrity management, food safety is more than Mount Tai is the company's solemn commitment to the society, "pioneering and forging ahead, continuous innovation, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence" is the company's business philosophy and goals. At present, the company has introduced domestic advanced technology and production equipment, and passed the FSSC22000 food safety management system certification, to ensure the stability and continuous improvement of product quality.

      The company takes the development of health and safety products as its own responsibility, facing the 21st century, and you hand in hand to create a new green food new world.

      Famous brands
      World renowned brands
      high quality
      High quality products
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      Established in 1994
      Seasonings/Food Additives
      Applied to 5 major industries
      Vision and mission
      Vision and mission
      01Corporate Mission

      Taking national service as our own responsibility, promoting the healthy development of China's food seasoning and food additive industry

      HCorporate ethics
      HCorporate Vision
      Corporate Vision
      Henterprise spirit
      corporate culture
      corporate culture

      · responsibility

      Self reflection, autonomy, self-discipline, and completing what one should do with quality and quantity; Complete on the same day

      ·?Proactively take responsibility

      Refusing to seek refuge, refusing bureaucrats, and daring to challenge oneself


      Proactively taking on extra tasks, gains beyond money are more important

      ·?Sense of belonging

      Integrate and unify personal goals with the development of the company, treat the company's affairs as one's own, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for the company and individuals

      Place Self expression
      Place Self expression

      · happy

      Positive and optimistic attitude, enthusiastic and rigorous work.


      Believe in yourself, dare to challenge, and move forward courageously.


      Cherish work, persevere, and surpass oneself.


      For the same goal, reasonable division of labor, effective communication, and mutual support.


      Thinking from a different perspective, proactive, open minded, patient and attentive

      good faith
      good faith

      · Consistent words and actions

      Words must be done, actions must be fruit, and heart must be one.


      Sincere, honest, and act calmly.


      Loyalty to oneself - the ability to be highly responsible for oneself;

      Loyalty to the collective - having beautiful emotions towards the collective.

      ·?Having principles

      Act fairly, maintain credibility, and have a sense of honor and disgrace in mind.


      · Benevolence

      Benevolence requires self-love, and more importantly, love others, creating a frank and relaxed interpersonal atmosphere. Refuse to create disputes and gossip.


      Abandon past grievances and empathize; Be strict with oneself and lenient with others.


      Reject prejudices and prejudices, and value the dignity, freedom, and feelings of others.


      Be grateful and show gratitude in return.

      embrace change
      embrace change

      · innovate

      Break through oneself, be brave in trying, and constantly strive for progress.

      ·?Le Xue Qin Si

      Persist in learning, never too old to learn. Do more, learn more.

      ·?Having a sense of crisis

      If you don't advance or retreat while sailing against the current, you must have a forward-looking awareness and approach the difficulties arising from changes rationally.


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